Is The Pirate Bay blocked for you? Try one of the pirate bay proxies below. This list is tested every 30 minutes and ordered by speed. Last updated 31/10/2020.

Website Country Speed
freepirate.netUSVery Fast
proxytpb.netUSVery Fast
proxybay.centerUKVery Fast
proxybay.proUSVery Fast
thepiratebay.tokyoJPVery Fast
indiapirate.orgINVery Fast
tpb4proxy.comUSVery Fast
uspirateproxy.comUSVery Fast
thepiratebay11.orgUSVery Fast
piratebayproxyz.comUSVery Fast
tpb-proxy.netUSVery Fast
ukpiratebay.netUSVery Fast
thepiratebaya.comUSVery Fast
unblockpiratebay.netUSVery Fast
unlockpiratebay.netUSVery Fast
thepirate-bayproxy.comUSVery Fast
thepiratebay2.netUSVery Fast
ahoyahoy.coINVery Fast
piratepiratebay.comUSVery Fast
tpb.worldFRVery Fast
lepiratebay.orgFRVery Fast
proxybay.techDEVery Fast
tpbmirror.vipFRVery Fast
piratebays.bizUSVery Fast